A bathroom remodel is one of the most common home renovation projects for most homeowners. Virtually everyone who has lived in their home for some years always get to desire a makeover for their bathroom, either they begin to realize the storage space isn’t enough for their growing family or they just need to change the lights, tiling and so on.

Regardless of the reason, it is very important to think deeply before you start the project, especially since the average cost required for a bathroom remodeling is quite high. If the cost is a major problem for your project to be carried out successfully, then you need to use the top five tips we’ll be stating below, as they will help you cut costs without ignoring the designs you desire in your bathroom.

  • Use Tiles Economically

One of the most amazing ways to make more room in your bathroom remodel budget is to use tiles sparingly. Rather than covering your wall and floor in tiles, use them on the floor only; and then add some color to the walls with little paint. Also, solid-color tiles will help you save more, but if what you desire is a more aesthetic tile pattern, you can go for decorative tiles then use them as a wall accent and apply paint to the rest.

  • Use a Fresh Coat of Paint

Certainly, the greatest and hitch-free way to save up on remodeling the look in your bathroom is to apply paint on the walls instead of paneling or tiling. You should know your bathroom is a small space with so many fixtures, so, painting the cabinets, windows, and around the mirrors can be a little difficult.

  • Be Creative

Updating the fixtures in your bathroom is a big aspect of DIY remodel; however, your fixtures can be a great way to reduce costs. When you focus on little things like drawer pulls and faucets, it can greatly improve the look of the bathroom with just little money spent. Some ideas on how to cut cost includes reusing the materials from other projects done in the house.

  • Reapply Caulk and Grout

Grime and grease are likely to build up on shower tiles in the spaces between the shower tiles and the tub enclosure. Hence, you can instantly and cheaply clean this grout and then add a layer of caulk along the tiles so as to give the shower a super-clean look at a very low cost.

  • You Don’t Have to Buy New

Albeit, a bathroom remodel is basically about adding a new design, but the fixtures to be added don’t have to be new. There are various nearby or online stores where you can purchase second-hand bathroom fixtures and some other building materials. You can purchase bathroom elements like faucets, lightning bulbs, cast-iron bathtubs etc. on eBay, and you’ll get them at a lesser price than the retail value.

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